Momoko Hanasaki

花咲 ももこ, Wedding Peach
Birth date: March 3 1983 The central character of the series. Momoko is clumsy unlike Yuri. Her human father is a photographer. Her angel mother Celeste is the younger sister of Aphrodite. Celeste left Momoko and her father to return to the Angel World Momoko would not learn of this till ten years later. Momokos father told her that her mother had died instead. Momoko is given the power to transform into Wedding Peach a Love Angel tasked with fighting devils intent on destroying a type of wave called Love Wave. Like many other girls at her school she has a crush on Yanagiba in the first season. In the second season she develops feelings for Yousuke whom she marries in the manga. Momoko and Yosukes love is so powerful that in the last episode it shows that their love saved the world despite their different races. Source: Wikipedia amp Wedding Peach Wiki