Kyouko Hori

堀京子, Kyon-Kyon, Kyo-chan, Honey-san, Ice Queen, Hannya Kyouko Miyamura
Birthday:Mar 25
Height: 163 cm 54 Affiliation: Katagiri Senior High School formerly Kyouko Hori is one of the main protagonists of Horimiya along with Izumi Miyamura She was a student in Class 31 of Katagiri Senior High School. PERSONALITY Kyouko is mostly a very energetic and popular person who always creates a happy atmosphere around herself. She is a hardworker in all aspects of her life and according to Izumi Miyamura she scores above 90 for all her tests. When nervous or embarrassed she tends to switch to a violent state. This is seen when Kyousuke Hori asks if Miyamura was her boyfriend resulting in her turning red and shoving a hot ladle into his face. Hori truly believes that only morons get sick over the summer. She also appears to be slightly insecure about her loved ones leaving her. This is seen when Izumi Miyamura leaves to get her a sports drink and Hori calls out to him saying Where are you going. This is due because her mother and father would often be absent at vital times. Even though Kyouko also gets complimented for being cute Kyouko does not believe she is cute because she does not get or act scared. She further adds that she doesnt do anything cute and how she is hopeless. This is seen when Kyouko abruptly leaves the movie and lays on her bed believing it was her fault that Miyamura was not attracted to her. When she does ear cleaning nail clipping or massaging she does it aggressively which makes her feared by her family her friends and Miyamura. Miyamura has also mentioned in the chapterthat a Qtip looks like a weapon with a considerable offense when Hori wields it. Kyousuke also refers to Kyouko as a fierce golem. She is also shown to be very jealous at times girls are flirting with Miyamura to the point where Yuki Yoshikawa and Tooru Ishikawa call her Ice Queen. In some parts of the manga she is also referred to as Hannya or the Goddess of Jealousy. Over the course of the story she does not seem to be too bothered with girls talking to Miyamura anymore but instead worries that he might love a man. She once told him that its okay to love another woman but not a man.