Kyouko Hori


Birthday: 25th March
Height: 163 cm
Personality: Very affectionate
Specialty: Chores home (she is currently learning how to make desserts)
School notes: Above 90 in almost all exams
Dislikes: Stew

Hori has a slim figure and has long brown hair. When she is out of school, she dresses casually and ties her hair up in a bun. Hori is a very energetic person. She is popular and always creates a happy atmosphere around herself. She is a very hard working​ person, and even though she has chores around her house to do, she does well in school and scores over 90 in exams. Her parents are always busy, so in order to take care of her brother, she has to return straight home after school every day and take care of the house. She's the kind of girl who does not want to show to others your vulnerable side. So sometimes it just does not express his feelings and suffer alone. She thinks of Miyamura as a very good friend, always helping her and going over to her house to help take care of her brother Sota.

In chapter 23, she confirms that she heard Miyamura's confession. At the end of the chapter, they hold hands, indicating that they are finally dating.

In chapter 37, she calls Miyamura by his first name, 'Izumi', followed by the scene where they supposedly had sex, as evident in the next scenes, when Miyamura is shown with a bite on his nape as well as Hori being topless with Miyamura.

In chapter 43, it is revealed that she likes to be abused by Miyamura.