Izumi Miyamura


Birthday: 17th April
Height: 169cm
Personality: Naturally distracted
School Notes: Very subtle but he always gets top marks in Physical Education and Health
Number of piercings: Nine
Family members: Father and Mother (his family owns a bakery)

Miyamura is often mistaken for an otaku for his sneaky character. The truth behind his long hair is to hide his piercings, and he has a lot of tattoos. This is a secret that only Hori and Ishikawa know. Izumi is a very thoughtful kid. He is a person who looks weak but is very strong.

In chapter 20, he confesses to Hori while she pretends to be asleep. Later on they become a couple.

In chapter 37, he is bitten on his nape by Hori after a scene where they supposedly had sex as evident in a following scene where Hori is shown topless in front of Miyamura. The bite is supposed to serve as a "kinky necklace", how Shindou describes it, that prevents Miyamura from cutting his hair, the reason Hori believes he became popular with the girls in the first place.