Naho Takamiya

Birthday:Mar 14
Blood Type:B
Naho Takamiya is the main female protagonist in Orange. When she receives a mysterious letter from the future involving Kakeru Naruse she and her friends try their hardest to fulfill the demands of the letter. Naho is a very loving and shy girl who tends to scream whenever she is nervous or embarrassed. She is shown to have a rather passive personality as on multiple occasions throughout the series Naho is unable to speak her own mind and tell people especially Kakeru Naruse how she feels possibly out of fear of hurting or confusing them. Despite this however Nahos feelings for what she cares about are very strong and passionate even if she doesnt show it. As she gets older she opens up and is able to tell people her feelings straight but still shares some of her shy and reserved traits from high school. She is also shown to be fairly oblivious to peoples romantic interest towards her as seen with Kakeru and Hiroto Suwa.