Hachiman Hikigaya

比企谷 八幡, Hikki, Hikitani, Hikigaeru, Hikigerma, Mr. Most Hated Guy in the Entire School, Hikifoil, Hikio, Hikizakana, Fishigaya

Hachiman is the story's main protagonist, an isolated, friendless boy who is pragmatic to a fault. His most prominent feature is his set of "dead fish-eyes". He firmly believes that "youth" is simply an illusion created by hypocrites, for hypocrites, born from the ashes of past failures. In this state of apparent corruption, he is coerced into joining the Service Club by his futures advisor in the hopes that exposing him to the world will change his personality, and ultimately make him a "better person". He is called "Hikki" affectionally by Yui.

(Source: Vistrans)