Shintaro Kisaragi

如月伸太郎, シンタロー

The main protagonist of the manga and brother of Momo Kisaragi, Shintaro is a hikikomori and as such, he has a hard time dealing with people. He seems to be constantly bothered by Ene. First appeared in Transparent Answer. A hikikomori (recluse/shut-in) young man with an IQ of 168. In middle school and high school, he performed at the top of his class in National Mock Examinations, but due to the suicide of a close friend (Ayano), he dropped out of his first year of high school. Subsequently, a mysterious software enters into his computer named "Ene," and, being unable to control her actions, his lifestyle is at a loss. Due to one of Ene's pranks, his computer breaks down, so both Ene and him go to the department store for shopping where they happen upon a group of terrorists. They end up stopping them together with the Mekakushi Dan. After this, he and Ene come to join the Mekakushi Dan. He is Momo's brother. (Source: Vocaloid Wikia)