Aoi Kiriya

霧矢 あおい, Idol Professor, Aoi-sensei
Aoi Kiriya is a student at Starlight School and Ichigos best friend. She was later put into a unit called Soleil with Ichigo Hoshimiya and Ran Shibuki. Aoi and Ichigo have been best friends since they were young. The two first met at a festival where the latter was dancing to Guppy an idol. Shes highly knowledgeable about idols and the entertainment industry but before that she studied many cultural arts such as the violin horseback riding the piano etc. As a result she is often referred to as the Idol Professor Aidoru Hakase or Aoisensei. After the two joined Starlight School it was revealed that Aoi got the best score out of around 1000 people on the test about past idols for the entrance exam having answered every question correctly. Her favorite brand is Futuring Girl and her stage color is blue. Aoi is a calm and bright girl. She is very intelligent possessing an encyclopedic knowledge and excellent analytical skills. She is highly determined towards her goals and approaches them very seriously. Aoi makes sure to plan ahead and research as much as she can for a situation. She is hardworking and has a bit of a perfectionist streak. She is known for being much more mature than Ichigo and tends to keep her on the right track but has times when she can get very excited. While normally she seems confident and in good spirits deep down Aoi is afraid of the fact that she knows its possible she and Ichigo wont both rise to stardom together as planned. Source: Aikatsu Wikia