Cross Biancia

Age: Start: 12 PostRock bird 17 PostArmageddon ?? Height: 160 cm Weight: 47 kilos OPart: Justice 5 rings Former commander of the Stea Republic SS Rank OPart ship Shin God. Cross lived alone with his younger sister Lilly after their parents left when they were younger. The two went to church often to pray for their parents return. One day Jio came to the village where Cross lived. The Satan inside Jio noticed Cross was the No. 1 Angel Metatron the only being he recognized as having the power to defeat him. So he erased the existence of Crosss village including Lilly who was actually a copy of the No. 10 Angel and the Solomons Key that would awaken Crosss angel form. Cross witnessed his villages destruction and realized that it was Satan who killed Lilly. After his village was destroyed Cross was taken by the Stea Republic onto Shin and promptly found out he was an O.P.T. He is an extremely powerful O.P.T. and so became the commander of Shin. He continued to search for Satan and Satans plan was to absorb Crosss hatred and enormous power after it had matured enough. However that plan was thwarted by Ruby and her jade pendant the real Solomons Key who awakened Metatron in place of Lilly and changed the hatred in Crosss heart to purity. His OPart is Justice C rank which consists of five rings. As of the beginning of the timeskip he was traveling with the rest of the Ophan Crew helping them look for Jio. As with most of the other characters after the time skip his appearances have changed he has kept his short hair but has taken a very feminine look with his clothing and facial features outside of battle even being mistaken for a female by enemies. He has recently remet up with the famous hacker Ponzu who has taken Liliths recipe nuclei into herself and brain washed him using it. Ponzu relieved that she has been in love with him but he was so obsessed with Satan that he left without even leaving a note and without her confessing her feelings. Cross after coming to his sense removed the nuclei with Metatron and seems to have a touching moment with Ponzu. He has been sucked into the completed Shin while inside shin to save the world with the help of Jio Ruby Zero and Jack himself they warped shin away from earth just as night fell disappearing into the void of space. Source: Wikipedia