Haruka Kokonose

九ノ瀬遥 , Konoha
Birthday:Dec 24
A mysterious albino with supposed amnesia that appeared at Hiyoris relatives house one day during the summer. He was once a human called Haruka Kokonose but somewhere before the current timeline he was turned into a cyberbeing. He is currently living at Hiyoris sisters house as a foster child. Not knowing about the normal world hes rather mypace airheaded lost confused. He is known to possess a strong curiosity for the unknown. Haruka Kokonose was a boy in high school with a severe illness. He would often get tired easily collapse and not be able to do much. Caring greatly for any friends he had he was sweet and gentle. Not once was he combative. Haruka was particularly good at drawing even going as far as to create his own video game character who was strong unlike himself. He was good friends with Enomoto Takane before he had particularly terrible symptoms on August 15th. On that day he disappeared and hasnt been seen sinceuntil Konoha came along with an apparent bout of amnesia.