Jun Misugi

三杉淳, The Young Noble of the Field,Julian Ross

Date of birth: 23rd June
National Team Jersey Number: #14
Position: Defender / Part-time coach
Nickname: Field no Kikoshi (Field Prince), Ace of Glass
Special Techniques: Drive shoot and Off-side strategy

Jun Misugi is easily one of Japan’s best players. Unfortunately, his failing heart condition forces him to play for only a short time almost every game. During Japan's match against Argentina, Japan's coach silently thought to himself that Jun would have been Japan's top player (even better than Tsubasa) if it wasn't for his current heart injury; indeed, Jun scored Japan's final goal in that match. He completely recovered in the World Youth Series though. Jun is strong-willed and dedicated besides being kind and clever. Jun can read the opposing team’s formation and tactics even when he is not playing on the field; not to mention his ability on how to control his opponent’s movements.