Mary Kozakura

小桜茉莉, Marie, マリー
First appeared in Imagination Forest. A 1/4Medusa 3/4human girl. Her parents told her Were medusae so if we make eye contact with a human theyll be turned to stone. While growing up she always stuck to their words and hid herself away from the world in the forest. Even after they died she continued to live alone. By chance a boy named Seto visited the forest and found her. He has since brought her to the outside world. After coming to the Mekakushi Dans hideout and joining the group she leads a sideline life making fake flowers in her room which generate a very small income. When she went into town to buy ingredients the first people she met were neighborhood children. They bullied her and she was traumatized by the incident so she rarely goes outside anymore. Her ability is to make eye contact which allows her to temporarily stop the movement of whoever meets her gaze. Source: Vocaloid Wikia