Roy Mustang

ロイ・マスタング, Flame Alchemist, Hero of Ishval, Roy-Boy
Roy Mustang is a state alchemist and officer in the Amestrian state military. A hero of the Ishval Civil War and Edward Elric superior officer Mustang is a remarkably capable commander who plans to become the next Fhrer of Amestris. Mustang is a cleanshaven young man with dark eyes. His dark hair is casually unkempt falling over his eyes in more formal or somber situations however he is known to wear it neatly slicked back. A great fan of classy attire Mustang is rarely seen out of uniform and even while in uniform will often don other accouterments such as a long black overcoat and white formalwear gloves but when dressed in civilian clothes he appears rather partial to the threepiece suit and black tie frequently coupled with classic scarves polished dress shoes and the aforementioned overcoat and gloves. He tends toward dark or neutral colors in his dress such as dark blue brown and black tempered with minimal white. On the surface Mustang is presented as a shallow selfabsorbed and incorrigible womanizer who is infamous among many of his colleagues and subordinates alike for the selfish and narcissistic aura he gives off. Easily as arrogant as Edward Elric Mustang is one to act ostentatiously and appears to act mostly out of selfinterest rather than any sort of philanthropy. He comes off to most as a sort of cocky layabout shirking most of his duties and delegating his paperwork to subordinates while sitting idly at his desk with an amused smile on his face as he procrastinates but is quick to take action when it appears that there is glory and military notoriety to be gained. Mustang is expertly manipulative and prone to think several steps ahead of those around him giving him a remarkable talent for making subordinates act exactly as he wishes despite appearing not to have had a hand in their decisions all traits which make the fact that he has managed to attain the lofty rank of colonel at such a young age a matter of public gossip. Mustang also has a reputation of being a shameless flirt and its rumored that he spends much of his time cavorting about town with various women and wooing several of the servicewomen with his abundant charm good looks and charisma. This adds another facet to his unpopularity among the enlisted men many of whom fear having sweethearts and crushes romanced away from them by his hand. He has however never actually been shown to be on a serious date with any woman any flirtatious interactions he had with women seemed to be nothing more than a cover to discretely pass along information. At the core Mustang is a remarkably devoted commander whose primary focus and personal duty is to his friends and subordinates. Though he hides it well behind a veil of cynicism and selfimportance Mustang is a man who cares deeply about the people who trust and support him and goes to great lengths to ensure their safety and wellbeing even at the risk of his own. As a man with considerable power Mustang considers himself a protector to those without and acts accordingly earning the staunch loyalty of his most trusted compatriots. Orphaned at a young age Mustang was adopted by his fathers younger sister who brought him up intending to make him into a fine gentleman. Presumably in his teens he discovered an affinity for alchemy and took basic instruction in the craft from master alchemist Berthold Hawkeye in the hopes of becoming a source of strength and knowledge for the people of Amestris. However faced with the increasing frequency of border wars he left his teachers charge and enrolled in the state military academy with the intent of becoming a state alchemist and devoting himself to the protection of citizens caught in the crossfire of international struggles. While at the military academy he became friends with fellow cadet Maes Hughes with whom he often discussed his idealistic dreams for the future of the country. Source: Fullmetal Alchemist Wiki edited