The young king of Small Cimaron who asks Yuri to call him Sara. He is extremely beautiful and at first glance seems softspoken and kindhearted. He039s already at adult age but still uses 039boku039 which is usually used by young males when referring to themselves. He can039t remember much about his parents. He has the power of hypnosis which he tried to use on Yuri but with no effect. His first appearance was in the anime was during the third season where he meets a disguised Yuri at a ball. The two become friends despite misgivings Yuris friends have concerning the human king. During Yuri039s visit to Small Cimaron in what appears to be a selfless and heroic act Sara takes an arrow in Yuri039s place. Yuri is moved and even Wolfram who had previously shown a strong dislike towards Sara is touched by the young king039s attempt to protect his fianceacute. Murata and Conrad still remain suspicious of Saralegui039s true motives. Source: Wikipedia