イグドラシル, 2-9000WZ
In the animated movie Digital Monster XEvolution the original Digital World was cultivated and populated with Digimon by Yggdrasil. However the continuous multiplication of Digimon left the computer unable to handle the data load resulting in an apocalyptic event known as the Digital Hazard that saw the Digital World begin to collapse. Yggdrasill initiated Project Ark handpicking a small number of Digimon to survive the catastrophe and transplanting them to a new Digital World it had created. However Digimon who survived the death of the old world by way of the mysterious XAntibody have appeared in this new Digital World disrupting Yggdrasills plans. In Digimon Savers Yggdrasil is the God of the Digital World. It has command over the Royal Knights. Source: digimon.wikia.com