Haruichi Kominato

Birthday:Mar 1
A firstyear second baseman of the team Haruichi is a naturally talented allrounder baseball player. Despite his small stature and frail appearance he has pinpoint precision while batting the ball able to hit it as wide and as far as he pleases and control where the ball lands. He also is extremely talented at defense able to catch a ball in the air and throw it while still floating. He is often noted to have amazing baseball sense able to decide in a split second where to hit the ball what to watch for and when to steal. His ability in baseball exceeds his older brothers Ryousuke Kominato who is firststring player and also a second baseman. The only thing lacking is his stamina which he works hard on improving. Born in the Kanagawa Prefecture he is a very calm and quiet person often acting as tsukkomi to Sawamura Eijuns boke. He has a habit of saying things bluntly and often praises either Furuya or Eijun causing them to compete against each other frequently. He plays reserve in the firststring team and occasionally feels envious of Eijun and Furuya for being able to play in a match. He is very small compared to other boys and it has been noted that he looks a bit like a girl. He is easily embarrassed especially when praised. His relationship with his brother is slightly strained because they play the same position but he still admires him to no end. Though reserved he is highly ambitious and aims to take his brothers position. When he was a child their relationship was closer with Ryousuke often protecting him from bullies.