Shogo Makishima


A humanist on the dark side who is hopelessly in love with cruelty, savagery, and all the worst aspects of human nature. A born evangelist, he possesses both uncommon charisma and a true gift for narrative. Makishima has quite a unique personality. He likes books a lot, as shown in his tendency to quote from famous literature.

Makishima was the mastermind behind the many cases the Public Safety Bureau are investigating, including the one that led Shinya to become demoted to Enforcer.

Despite his murderous intent, his hue has always been pure white. People like him are "criminally asymptomatic". The Sibyl System is run by the brains of the criminally asymptomatic. Kasai, who is part of the system, wants him to voluntarily contribute to the system. He refuses, however, wanting to remain as a player forever and ever in a game which he calls life.

He is killed by Kougami in the final episode.

(Source: Fuji Creative, Wikipedia)!~