Victoria Terpsichore

ブイティー, V. T., Heavy Metal Queen
Victoria Terpsichore is a toughtalking and widowed space trucker whose deceased husband Ural Terpsichore is a man that fellow bounty hunters regard as a legendary bounty hunter. Always with her cat Zeros she appears in the episode Heavy Metal Queen. Spike meets her in a bar while on hunt for a explosivesmuggling criminal named Decker. After having a bar brawl with several stooges Spike and VT seem to become fast friends until she learns Spike is a bounty hunter. Although she initially regards Spike as lowlife bounty hunter scum she puts their differences aside and reluctantly works with him when their paths cross again as V.T. begins searching for Decker who has performed a ship hit and run on one of her fellow truck drivers. Her full name is largely a secret which has prompted many to bet money and guess what her initials stand for. However none have succeeded in winning the stack of money shes gained from numerous incorrect guesses. She is also known as the Heavy Metal Queen for her deep love of heavy metal music which she considers very soothing. Able to adapt to various situations her philosophy is when in Rome do as the Romans do. Considering her disdain against bounty hunters it is believed that her husband Ural Terpsichore was killed while pursuing a bountyhead. Her first name is briefly mentioned when Spike sees her pocket watch. However he knows her last name due to the popularity and memory of her late husband. Source: Wikipedia