Ushio Kugayama

久我山 潮
She is a student at San Marx Private Academy of Fine Arts and a personal acquaintance of Tatsuya Himekawa. Kugayama is a young woman with shoulderlength messy lightcolored hair dark eyes and long thick eyelashes. Her attire is that of her schools uniform for males which consists of a lightcolored shirt with a dark tie over the collar and matching lightcolored jacket and pants. She later reveals that she uses shoulder pads to broaden her shoulders and shoes with inside platforms to increase her height. She also uses cloth wrappings to bind her chest though she cheerfully admits that they are not impressive enough to bother hiding. The Kugayama family only accepts men as their heirs since Kugayama was an only child and a woman she was raised as a man. From the way of how she talked to even how she sneezed she carefully conducted herself as a man and her true gender was a secret to all except for her family servants and Himekawa. She enjoys living life as a man but her feelings for Himekawa became too strong and she then wished to live as a woman and the only way she could do that was if she married Himekawa. Though her appearance is of a beautiful woman Kugayama has a sadistic and brutal personality much like Hildas. She acts very calm and mature most of the time but also has seen to have a cruel side. When a man angry about losing money due to a bet on Oga losing a fight grabbed her roughly by the collar she easily dislocated his wrist. Furthermore she grabbed his wrist again and said with an evil smile It needs to be reset and forcefully shoved the bones back in to place increasing the pain. She can also be petty and cunning such as the time she stole the Demon Lords painting away from Himekawa by surprising him into turning around and then knocking him out from behind this was a breaking point in their relationship as Himekawa considered this action and her confession of being a woman to be a form of betrayal because she hid the truth from him for ten years. Despite her initial condenscending behavior towards Himekawa and his group she is actually very deeply in love with him and wants to get married early. She had fallen in love with Himekawa since they were in first grade but she did not want to tell him because she was afraid of ruining their friendship. She explained that she had felt tortured by her hidden feelings and her doting grandfather decided to arrange a marriage between them. She has the tendency to rant about her feelings causing Oga and Himekawa to spit up blood in a comic reaction.