Homaru Kongou

Doyku Kongou

Homura Kongo (also known as Dokyu Banchou - Dreadnought Banchou) is the father of Takeshi Kongo, Akira Kongou and Soara Kongou and the creator of 23 Districts Project. He is the person controling the Japanese government from behind the shadows.

During World War II he was a chosen member of the Yatagarasu project. He was a comrade of Masamune Gokurou, whom he refused to kill to become the final participant of the project. He and Gokuro were saved from execution by intervetion of General Shirayuki Nomiya, the grandfather of Shirayukinomiya Kobushi. At around the same time his father, Kai Kongou sacrificed his life to seal the military's secret weapon, Hakai Banchou.