Loyd Lloyd

ロイド・ロイド, The Yourself

Loyd Lloyd (ロイド・ロイド, Roido Roido) is a Quincy and a member of the Vandenreich's Stern Ritter with the designation "Y". Loyd is one of three Stern Ritter to confront Captain Kenpachi Zaraki during the invasion's initial stages. However, according to Zaraki's account, despite presenting the most difficulty after using his ability to assume the captain's likeness, Loyd is inevitably cut down once Zaraki became stronger than his imitation. Zaraki later carries Loyd's corpse atop his shoulders, alongside those of the others, before unceremoniously presenting it in front of Juhabach.

From birth, Loyd and his younger brother, Royd, were indistinguishable from one another, even to the medical staff that delivered them and their own parents. By the age of 5, the brothers realized the reason behind them being perfectly identical, was that they had both unconsciously begun to imitate the other before being born. When they were 12 years old, they found that they could not only imitate one another, but other people as well. While they could both imitate the appearances of others, only Loyd could replicate their powers and techniques.