Masamune Gokurou

Gokumon Banchou
Masamune Gokurou Gokumon Banchou Prison Gate Banchou is the Shirayuki family butler and Kobushis private cook who supports her completely. He is a very fast cook able to make a Chanko Nabe in seconds and also he is protective of Kobushi as a father would be. He also seems to have extreme combat ability able to defeat several of Machine Banchous robot underlings easily something that interests Akira. During World War II he was a chosen member of the Yatagarasu project. He was a comrade of Homura Kongou whom he refused to kill to become the final participant of the project. He and Homura were saved from execution by intervetion of General Shirayuki Nomiya the grandfather of Shirayukinomiya Kobushi. He subsequently became the Shirayuki family butler in an attempt to repay his debt. During the Great War he was rumoured to have fathered a child with his lover Akiyama Chiyo before she passed away but this has never been confirmed.