Larry Randolph

Larry is the police chief of the MPD Martian Police Department and highly values its employees. For questions or problems he is giving them advice and support and is accordingly for them but his staff must sometimes give warnings / it in its place preferably Eddie. Larry Ross called his new man on the staff at MPD welcome and relates it directly in their latest case with a. With a small team which consists of Eddie Ross Armitage Chris and even other members he determined in the case of the Thirdkillings. Although it is only an assumption on the part of Larry that Armitage could stand in connection with the murders but he feels compelled to issue an arrest warrant. Larry often gets pressure from a higher level he has to bend the end what he does not like. Yet he finds help always a way other only he must tread to the unofficial path. Loyalty and confidence in his team is very important. Larry was not afraid to question things that happen to him suspicious.