Eugene H. Allen


Eugene is the vice president of "Conception" and responsible for the heading "public relations." He's only a few years ago to "Conception" to hit, but he knows what he wants. "Conception" is no longer the market leader in the robot manufacturers and has been supplanted by "Hu-Gite." Eugen helps the "MPD" in their investigation in "Third-case", but they are suspected to have built himself the "Thirds". suspicion is no accident, because the design of the "Seconds" is similar. the company's philosophy is the same as that of "Hu-Gite," but for Eugene are the rather empty words. robot does he consider it created to realize the human imagination. after Hours "abused "he satisfy the female robot to his perverse sexual fantasies. order was to establish itself as the market leader again" remain third-project "is very attractive, but as the contract between Mars and the Earth Federation would be prevented and the profit off.