Musashi Sasaki

For reasons that he probably is not even entirely clear Musashi felt the urgent need of a summer to visit his old grandmother. However he has to reach the quite arduous journey take upon himself and travels to a remote mountain village. Once there he is already expected ardent again however. Not from his grandmother but by Anzu his childhood friend who gives him a warm welcome It should also not be the last encounter with a young woman from his past as well as Suzaku Nami and Mayuki have forgotten him in the 15 years he was away and missed. Unfortunately there is the problem that he can not remember any of the four adorable young ladies what they understandably take it more or less bad. Finally he swore before his disappearance each to marry her. A promise which is taken in their circles with them is all about princesses of the four major clans of the village of youkai very seriously. Since he has all but sworn equal Musashi was once rejected by the rulers of the village to prevent a power struggle. Even if you do not look at him and Musashi is a classic failure at first glance the matter begins what he never pursued his goals and ultimately preferring instead to go the easy way out it can also act amazing male and determined should required by the situation even if he himself while still giving the impression of being somewhat halfhearted. Not least it is also a very lovable and friendly if not also in his body polite man the feelings of his four potential brides are very important and at least in this respect never raises a doubt that he each of them in their hands would.