Suzaku is a woman who is not particularly proficient in it is to keep their anger under control and so all too often tends to leave out their frustrations quite unabated Musashi. Despite everything but she also has not after all this time they forgot his promise to marry and harbors feelings for him really as great as any other princess of the village it should be or even Nami Mayuki. But it is precisely in this respect it is on to something awkward and she can not really easy to let their love freely. She also works in her first time with Musashi logically clumsily and frantically tried it yet to force a real and want to take in every respect always the lead which is why it takes too slow to help Musashi what is on but without further her may expand entire life. Because even though you may hardly believe it Suzaku is sometimes a very sensitive and vulnerable young woman she admits but only very reluctantly.