Rei Ooguro

大黒 レイ
Birthday: December 17th Age: 20 Years Old Height: 163cm Blood type: O Measurements: 925890 Rei is a college student who had been traveling from Guam with her university group. After arriving on the island the group she was in consisted of her two friends Rinzai Tooru and Kawana Kotomi with the former being her childhood friend. The first people she met after arriving on the island were members of Sengokus Group. She also younger brother Ooguro Junpei with whom she is rather close. Rei has a tomboyish upbeat demeanour about her continually being uplifting and happy when around others. She does care for her friends quite a lot and takes things seriously such as being unable to stand Miina Isurugi Fake isolating himself from everyone else and forced her way into having him trust her. This showed how she was relatively caring towards people and especially children. It should also be noted she seems to care very deeply for Tooru worrying about his predicament with his facial scar earlier on at her introduction.