Doojoon Yoon

Age: 22 / Height: 178cm / Weight: 66kg Job: Professional soccer player Location: Incheon dorm. On breaks he goes to visit his aunt. Special ability: Hyperactive exercise skills. Speed balance coordination. All his sport skills exceed the average man kind. For a soccer player its like a gift but for Doojoon who still cant control it he is still just a bench player full of mistakes. Ability: Running Nickname: CEO Working on his own job just incase he might be fired Bluff Yoon full of bluff Hobbies: Planning his business Role Model: Steve Jobs Pro: Can take care of situations well Con: Bit of a bluff. He likes to act like he knows everything and if he is wrong then he tries to find a way out. Motto: If met strategically for work dont leave it up to the partnership.