Junhyung Yong

Age: 22 / Height: 178cm / Weight: 58kg Job: Popular slacking college student Location: Boondang / Living together with a grandfather who has a lot of assets Special ability: Psycocommentry. Can read minds by touching the person or object. Abilites: Dating girls girls follow him more than he does. It has nothing to do with his special ability but there are a lot of girls who follow good looking bad boys like Junhyung. Junhyung only uses his special ability when he is about to break up with a girl too heartless. He was taken care by his grandfather after his parents passed away. Even though it was at a young age he remembers one thing. The feeling of being hated Living with his grandfather who didnt even want to touch Junhyung because he was the grandson that he never wanted he first learned the emotion of being hated. So to Junhyung who doesnt believe that anyone would love him he cant open up his heart easily. But when love comes and finds him through Sooae he soon finds out that she doesnt like him and he curses her with his special ability. Nickname: Yong psychic. Short for brave psychic. He has to be brave with his answers. He can see through everyone. Hobbies: Shopping for brand names. Going to the club. Nagging Dongwoonie. Role model: None Pro: A true man of mens Con: Scared of bugs Motto: You live alone.