Yoseob Yang

Age: 21 / Height: 170cm / Weight: 57kg Job: Magician Location: College Road Special ability: Can create an apparition by singing. He can create an apparition by singing and use that to control humans. Since when he was young others happiness was Yoseobs happiness. After seeing that people were happy from watching a magic show when he was little he decided that he was going to be a magician. However despite all the efforts he cant get past being an amateur magician.. Yoseob cant handle anyone being disappointed at him. Ability: Magic Hobby: Magic Nickname: Emotional Seob. Because he is always so emotional Role Model: Kikwang. He is inspired by Kikwangs abilities. Pro: Happy nice sweet Con: Doent get mad. He might actually really pop one day. Motto: Wa to the rm. Loves warm atmospheres