Dongwoon Son

Age: 20 / Height: 180cm / Weight: 64kg Location: Chongdam / Living with his grandma in an apartment Job: Personal tutor Speical ability: Photographic memory. He can remember every little thing he saw down to the smallest detail. Even rushing through a book he can remember everything like he took a picture of it.. However after an hour he returns to his clear minded state. Ability: Cleaning Nickname: Arab prince Hobbies: Cooking food for others. Because he learned from a cook book others have a hard time eating. Role model: Yong Junhyung. He looks up to him and hates him. Whats the point of taking girls out to shopping and walking them home. They all go to Yong Junhyung in the end. Pro: Memorization Con: Because he learned everything from a book it isnt realistic. Especially when it comes to dating. Motto: This dirty world only remembers Yong Junhyung