Johan Liebert

ヨハン·リーベルト, Liebheart, Johann, Michael, Franz, Erich, Monster, Demon
Johan Liebert is the namesake monster of the story and the mystery of his past is the focus of the plot. He has been called a monster the next Adolf Hitler and even the devil himself. Johan Liebert was shot in the head at a young age but saved from death by Dr. Tenma. Because of this he regards Dr. Tenma almost as though he was his father. He has spent portions of his life in different places under different aliases and possesses an extraordinary level of charisma and intelligence. He uses his gifts to cruelly manipulate and corrupt others often with no apparent end other than to cause suffering and destruction. His goal as he stated when he was young is to be the last one standing at the end of the world. One of the themes of Monster is how individuals are capable of transforming into monsters Johan often acts as both a direct and indirect catalyst for this transformation. Liebheart is Johans official last name according to the Japanese anime page but Liebert is his official name according to the English translation of the manga. Please leave his name asis. Voiced by Yuuto Uemura during his childhood phase in the anime.