Myouga Unzen

雲仙 冥加, Unzen's Sister
Academic Status: 1st year Class 13 Age: 15 Blood Type: AB Myouga Unzen is a freshman of Class 13 though she is not a member of the Thirteen Party. She is the older sister of Myouri Unzen. Myouga is a total nonconformist so far removed from the normal world that that she forgoes the Japanese language and uses a complex Math Language that only Medaka and her brother can decipher. She rarely comes school preferring to stay locked in her room. She desires to be the strongest though she is not sure how to achieve this goal. However to this end she seeks to become a member of the Thirteen Party. She is a firm believer of the superiority of Abnormals over Specials and is enraged when Nabeshima challenges her. Myouga does share some similarities with her brother however as she likes to make dirty jokes in her math language. Her brother claims that given the opportunity all she talks about are breasts. Source: Medaka Box Wikia