A ghost who was once a young girl who lived in the same apartment that Daikichi is currently squatting in. She committed suicide 10 years before the events of the story by repeatedly stabbing herself. Her only memoriy of her past life is that she killed herself on a warm summer day looking out at beautiful sunset. Although she can go through walls and solid materials she can still eat and drink. She also eventually learns how to make physical contact with Daikichi which leads to the two of them consummating their relationship. Her spiritual body is normally very cold in temperature and she sometimes cools Diakichi off on a hot summer day by wrapping herself around him or chills drinks by holding them in her arms or against her chest. Whenever they share an intimate moment however Daikichi can feel the warmth she once possessed. Kana encouraged Daikichi to continue to live on even when he felt he had reached rock bottom in his life. At first Kana couldn039t even leave the apartment complex building so her view of the world was limited to whatever she could see from it. Which was hard enough since it039s so overgrown. Later on however she gains the ability to go further and further away from the whole complex like a local store or bathhouse possibly through the influence of her life with Daikichi. She also has a wall she can quotenterquot whenever she wants to be alone with her thoughts without any outside influences. Whenever she does this she leaves a telltale smudge that resembles her face in profile on the drywall.