バズビー, Buzzbee
BazzB Bazub is a Quincy and a member of the Vandenreichs Stern Ritter. Upon receiving the orders of Juhabach he and the other Stern Ritter gather at the Gate of the Sun before traveling to Seireitei in order to participate in the conquest of Soul Society. Once there he and the other Stern Ritter create pillars of blue flames prior to engaging the Shinigami in battle allowing members of the 3rd Division to surround his position. As he emerges BazzB ambushes Lieutenant Izuru Kira from afar destroying a significant part of his right torso and inciting three seated officers to release their Shikai. Simultaneously dispatching Taketsuna Gori and Asuka Katakura he then eliminates Rik Togakushi with similar ease. Source: Bleach Wikia