The youngest son of Queen Ramia, and prince of La Naan. He is actually not from La Naan, but from Razenia. He was born one of two twin boys, and in Razenia the youngest twin is considered evil; as a result, he was sent to La Naan. After his brother's death, the King of Razenia kept asking to get Vord back, but since he is Ramia's favorite, she is loath to give him up. Vord is a master swordsman, extremely tall with a 'legendary' tan and pale blonde hair, and confident that he is the best. He shares Ishtar's tendency to say the wrong thing. But he is more clever than he appears and happens to be the brightest out of Lady Ramia's boys. Self-centered and conceited, the moment Vord spots Ishtar, he knows he must have her.

However, the Ishtar he falls in love with is actually Duzell in disguise. He and Queen Ramia set up an elaborate scheme to marry into the family of Pheliosta, but it blows up in their face when it is revealed that Vord is not actually Ramia's son. He later follows Ishtar back to St. Pheliosta to keep a watch over her, and then falls for Ishtar's cousin, Falan, who he later marries. He almost managed to figure out Duzell's double identity, but was interrupted before he came to a conclusion. He later learned of Duzell's presence, and Ishtar's double identity. This shook his self-confidence badly, especially when he realized that he had fallen in love with Duzell.

According to Falan, he can burp opera arias. (Source: Wikipedia)