The oldest son of Queen Ramia, and prince of La Naan. He is a sweet individual, but very frail emotionally and physically. He is the black sheep of the family, since Ramia loathes him and never avoids a chance to publicly humiliate him, even to forcing him to show up at a party in drag so she can verbally and physically abuse him. Seilez is slender and tall, but has delicate feminine features and long blonde hair, which tends to make people mistake him for a girl even when he's dressed like a man. He also appears to be a budding alcoholic, since he gets drunk when visiting brothels or being attacked by Ramia;

however, he seems to stop drinking after falling for Ishtar. He knows that Ramia is not his mother, however, since he regularly dresses as a woman and visits his birth mother, a prostitute named Murra, who was the king's lover. However, he still craves Ramia's affection, and has done so for many years; when his father died, he tries to comfort Ramia, only to have her throw him off and call him a whore's son. He falls in love with Ishtar after she treats him kindly, since all the people around him ignore, despise or pity him. Hoping to win her, he enters the competition for her hand in marriage. He enters a pact with the vampire Sharlen, who gives him enough strength to hold his own in the competition, but enslaves him in the process. When Ishtar competes against him, Seilez gives up the competition. He then apparently embarks on a secret sexual affair with his adopted brother Laphiji. It's clear in the tenth volume that he still deeply loves Ishtar, although he agrees to serve Darres if he marries her.

(Source: Wikipedia)