Age: 19 Height: 6' 1" Weight: 171 lbs 1st Appearance: La Naan Act 3 The second oldest son of Queen Ramia, and prince of La Naan. Unlike his brothers, he is very quiet and doesn't often express his feelings.

He was adopted at a young age, when his brother Seilez was born to his adoptive father and a prostitute, and Queen Ramia decided that she wanted to adopt children of her own. He belonged to a mercenary tribe called the Shonay, who sold him like a slave. Unlike his brothers, Laphiji is a very strong magician, courtesy of the "eye" tattoo on his forehead. He was kidnapped as a small child by his tribe, who gave him the tattoo—as a result, his entire body is filled with holy magic, which Ishtar describes as "Sidia with pecs!" He's so powerful, he is able to effectively fight Sharlen unless interrupted. It also served to alienate him from his adoptive mother, who does not treat him as fondly as Vord. She does, however, seem to have some affection from him. He also has a complex relationship with Seilez, whom he has protected and comforted (both emotionally and physically) since a young age. Vord reveals in the third volume that Laphiji is actually in love with Seilez, and around the tenth volume, a line of Vord's indicates that the two "brothers" are now involved in a furtive sexual relationship, although probably not one that will last. Laphiji is tall, slender and broad-shouldered, with pronounced muscles and a long black braid. According to Judal, he has a wonderful singing voice, but he has to be drunk to show it.

(Source: Wikipedia)