Kei Nozaki

Birthday:May 16
Age: 16 Birthdate: May 16 Sign: Taurus Height: 158 cm A 16year old teenage boy who is also an assistant to Inaba. He is the mostly normal and the straight man out of the agency. It is mention that he was very poor growing up once resided in a small wooden house with both his parents. Even with Hiroshi paying him 900 perhour he is still plagued by money problems. He is a cat lover even though he is allergic to them and owns a Sphinx cat which because it is hairless does not trigger his allergies. Kei is also able to release incredible willpower although only given decent motivation. Examples of this would be expelling the Black Fang from his body due to his addiction to cats and the ability to exponentially improve his table tennis skills when angered by the Dons foolishness. He is usually the one who is caught up with Yuutas plots to kill Kuniharu Ogino and even Haruka Inaba for getting to close to Hiroshi. Mostly he does his best to stop Yuuta from killing anyone that gets too close with Hiroshi. Source: Wikipedia Wikia