Yusuke Urameshi

Age:14 (In the beginning), 18 (at the end of the series)
Yusuke has brown eyes and short black hair which he usually keeps slightlyspiked with hair gel. He has around half a dozen small bangs which he doesnt keep spiked. Instead of wearing the schoolissued blue uniform of Sarayashiki Junior High he wears a identicallydesigned green uniform. He does this in direct rebellion of the schools strict dress code. Throughout the series Yusukes clothing changes but he usually wears some type of fighters garb. Yusuke looks ratherskinny a stark contrast to his unusual strength. At the beginning of the series he was also quite short as seen when Keiko points out he was shorter then she was. Having no father and with his mother always off somewhere else getting drunk or partying Yusuke has grown up in a very neglectful environment. Hes short tempered impulsive and likes to intimidate those who are afraid of him. One of his most notable traits is his desire to fight which becomes more noticeable as the series progresses. Yusuke has been noted on many occasions to being rather unintelligent and at times just plain stupid. Yusukes desire to fight is more out of enjoyment of a good brawl and surprisingly Yusuke doesnt like killing if he can avoid it. Even though Yusuke is feared by most students and severely disliked by almost all of the teachers he is generally misunderstood. Keiko Yukimura is one of the very few who knows Yusuke is actually very kind and she sympathizes with his problems in life. Yusuke and Keiko quickly develop strong feelings for each other and he is fiercely protective of her almost always worrying about her wellbeing. Yusuke initially didnt like Kuwabara but as the series progresses the two develop a mutual bond and respect for each other with Kuwabara being the only person who truly understands him. Yusuke and Hiei have a serious rivalry and at times Yusuke seems almost intimidated by Hieis remarkable skills. Yet each of them has respect for the other and will put their lives on the line to help one another. Yusuke is very close to Kurama and has a great amount of confidence in him. Yusuke respects Kuramas wisdom sometimes looking to him for leadership advice when hes not sure what to do.