野狐丸; スクィーラ, Yakomaru

Squealer is a queerat, an intelligent species that work as servants to humans. Like others of his species, he's small, have an appearance of an giant rat but is very intelligent and astute. He is the representative of the Robber Fly, a colony of queerats.

His ideals are freedom, equality between human and queerats and the end of the monarchy system inside of the queerats colonies where the queen is the absolute ruler. He helps Saki and her friends to escape from the wild queerats that were pursuing them. Later, he rescues Maria and Mamoru from the tainted cats and keeps them in his colony. But his main objective was to get a human child from them to start a revolution. Once he got the child and bred it until it get the cantus, around 10 years, he uses it to attack the humans. At this time, Squealer is already the leader of an alliance and command a large number of soldiers.