Botan is the guide for the dead across the Sanzu River the River Styx Botan is hardly typical of what one would expect from the shinigami or death god clad in a bright pink kimono with her blue hair in a ponytail. Botan is cheerful sometimes sarcastic and a completely atypical version of Death something the main character Yusuke Urameshi points out almost immediately after meeting her. Although her initial purpose is to help Yusuke cross over to the Spirit World or Reikai Botan eventually becomes a sort of guardian angel to Yusuke helping him in his efforts to return to his body and when Yusuke becomes a Spirit Detective being the liaison between Yusuke and friends and Koenma in Reikai. Botan works hard cares deeply for others and tries not to let her friends know when shes down. Botan is not a fighter like those around her but she has fought several times often to help Keiko Yukimura to get her out of trouble. She has no spirit powers like Yusukes Rei Gun or Kuwabaras Spirit Sword but she possesses heightened spirit awareness and spiritual energy as can be determined by her ability to use the detective tools which require spirit energy in order to work. Typically when Botan fights she tends to favor blunt instruments like her oar a metal bat or if all else fails her fists. In her human form Botan can use any of Yusukes detective items. In one scene during the episode Setting the Trap Botan was planning to use the Concentration Ring to blow up walls which suggests she might have spirit powers like Yusuke but they are undisclosed. Botan tends to use human weapons or something heavy around to fight while in the human world. Botan also possesses healing powers to the extent that she could stop or pause demonic transformations. In the old FUNimation dub she is given a slight British accent.