Paradox Gemini


The Gemini Gold Saint in the era of Omega. The first female Gold Saint. Abandoned by her parents at an early age, Paradox's life was saved in the past by Dragon Shiryū, which led her to become a Saint. She is challenged by Dragon Ryuhou, to which she replies peacefully, but after Ryuhou's refusal to accept Paradox's amoral perspective on her allegiance to Mars, both engage each other in battle. [spoiled]She serves Mars because he promised her he would heal Shiryu. Similarly as her predecessor, Gemini Saga, she is afflicted by split personality, one of which manifests as a gentle, refined and loving young woman, who calls herself the Loving Paradox (愛のパラドクス), and the other manifests as a wrathful embodiment of hate, calling herself the Hateful Paradox (憎しみのパラドクス).[/spoiler] (Source: Wikipedia)