Species: God Zen: Fifth Zen Jurisdiction: Nature Origin Attribute: Earth Gender: Male Height: 196 cm (6'4" ft) Weight: 86 kg (189 lbs) God Items: The Golden Knight, Spear and Armour Summoner: None Kubera is the God of Earth, who is renowned for his wealth (among humans), and his highly apathetic nature (among the Gods and Suras).

In the beginning, Kubera was unable to control his immense physical strength. Searching for a way to live normally, he created the Golden Knight, a simple metal bracelet that suppressed his strength, bringing it down severely. However, Kubera was still able to summon his former strength at will. Over time, Kubera learned how to cope with his powers without the help of the Golden Knight, so he went to other gods, looking for someone in need of the bracelet. The other gods refused, having found their own way to control their powers. Then Kubera kept the bracelet with himself, still looking for someone to give it to, until he met a human knight, Enan. It's highly suspected that he killed Ananta, at a certain point, but at the cost of losing his name in the process, thus starting his endless journey in search for someone of the same name as him. At some point in his search - specifically during the N0 Cataclysm - Kubera was able to pass into the human realm using only his own strength, without the need of a summoner.

(Source: Kubera Wikia)