Yoshinari Hasunobe

Yoshinari Hasunobe is the younger brother of the famous "Fort Brothers". He serves as the Branch Manager of the Royal Fort Tokyo. Yoshinari appears very serious in nature. He dislikes eating too many sweet things but claims that pretty and cute things are his favorite dishes. Makes a few brief appearances in Bitter.

He secretly made the sweets Yuushi has fallen in love with. He learned how to make sweets while studying in France. Although Yoshinari hates the taste of pastries he says he is attracted to the intricacy of the technical craft. Yoshinari made too many sweets one day while practicing and gave the extras to Takahara, a good friend of his and the chef of the Royal Fort Tokyo. Takahara decides to give the sweets out as a gift to the guests, one of which being Yuushi, whom Yoshinari fell in love with at first sight. He begins to look forward to making them when Yuushi began returning regularly to get more of the sweets.