Watari Yutaka

亘理 温
Birthday:Apr 18
Yutaka Watari is a close friend of Tsuzukis who works in research and development. Though technically a mechanical engineer he is basically a scientist who invents whatever comes to mind. Hes also in charge of computer maintenance amp repair. Hes very bouncy and happy like Tsuzuki but doesnt seem to hold the inner angst that Tsuzuki does. However he will occasionally become very and suddenly angry usually because of something befalling one of his friends. His companion that is almost always with him is an owl quot003quot. 001 is a toucan and 002 is a penguin they stay in Wataris lab Wataris dream is to create a sex change potion although his motives are not clear he definitely has an unusual interest in women and all the facets of being female although whether or not this interest is sexual or purely scientific is still a matter of opinion Tatsumi for example is quite certain of the former. Watari once claimed that he wants to know how the womans mind works ergo his wanting to become female to understand it. He tests out all his potions and the like on both himself and Tsuzuki relying on Tsuzukis weakness for sweets for persuasion. Wataris special power is bringing his drawings to life. Unfortunately his skill at drawing is very poor but this does not seem to stop him from successfully drawing Tsuzuki out of the Counts selfwritten novel in Volume 5. Watari is the shinigami for the sixth sector Henjoucho which includes Osaka and Kyoto. He usually does not work with a partner though he does sometimes work with Tatsumi. Later volumes of the manga specifically the Kamakura arc reveal a few pieces of Wataris past life. Most intriguingly it is revealed that Watari once worked for the Five Generals. These employees of Juohcho are infamous for their involvement in the Mother Project the supercomputer of Meifu.