フリスト, Ahly, Leone
Hrist is the eldest of the three sisters who govern destiny. Hrist039s personality is that of a ruthless warrior. She takes no prisoners and believes the ends justifies the means. No matter what the task she will complete it if it is Odin039s will. However she is fiercely loyal to her Einherjar and will defy even Odin to protect them. Hrist relishes battle and destruction and to that end she enjoys making her opponents squirm. After her time with humans in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria she softens and eventually comes to respect them and even begs for their aid. An interesting note is that as the eldest sister Hrist exhibits many traits that are distinctive of first born children she is highly intelligent ambitious and strives to please others. She is a perfectionist and is highly driven to please Odin.