Yuu Hirose

広瀬 ゆう

Yuu Hirose is the father of Usui Takumi, the mother being his former lover, Patricia Walker. Yuu Hirose was employed as a butler of the Rachester household, he and Patricia were very close, and she often liked to tease him. Although, because of their different social statuses, they could not be together, although it was obvious they loved each other. Patricia became married to Edward Walker, and gave birth to his child, Gerard Walker. A few years later, she became very ill, and after a conversation with Yuu, they expressed their love for each other and made love. Patricia then became pregnant with Yuu's child, she stayed in hiding until she gave birth to the child, the child being Usui Takumi. Although, she died in childbirth because her body had been to fragile from the illness. When news of this was heard of at the Walker and Rachester households, Yuu was banished, and has not been heard from since.

(Source: Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Chapter 75)