Frei first appears in chapter 1. She is the Goddess Freyas younger sister. Frei welcomes Lenneth at the gates of Valhalla. She appears to be an adolescent cheerful and friendly. She refers to Lenneth as quotBig Sisterquot as she looks up to Lenneth and views her more of a friend than a tool of the Gods as Odin or Freya may. After the first chapter Frei does not appear again until the end of the manga in chapter 11 when Loki is leading the assault on Asgard. Frei directs Belenus and Lawfer to attack Loki who easily dispatches them. When Loki confronts Frei again she unleashes a grand assault but when the smoke clears Loki unscathed kills her. At the end of the manga when Lenneth Valkyrie renews Midgard and Asgard with her powers of Creation it is assumed that Frei is revived as well. Frei originated in Valkyrie Profile Playstation and does not appear anywhere else.