Jelanda first appears in the manga in chapter 2. She is the first human soul to be collected by Lenneth Valkyrie. Jelanda is the princess of Artolia. She is spoiled stubborn and prideful. When Arngrim disrespects her father Jelanda devises a plan to hurt Arngrim in return. As quotAngelaquot Jelanda finds Arngrim and requests he listen about a job. She takes him to a restaurant where she makes a scene over the cuisine. Parched she accidentally downs a large glass of sake and passes out. She awakes in Arngrim039s home panics and leaves promising to return the next day. By this time Arngrim realizes that Angela is truly Jelanda. The next time we see Jelanda is when the Artolian calvary pulls her unconscious body out of a cargo on its way to Villnore. We learn that Lombert arranged for the kidnapping of the princess and choose Arngrim to escort it planning for him to be blamed. Lombert sent along with the calvary a bottle of quotmedicinequot that was actually ghoul powder. The soldiers fed this to the Princess and Jelanda was transformed into a demon. Lenneth Valkyrie appears and prepares to destroy the monster but Arngrim intervenes and destroys the demon himself. Jelanda appears again when Arngrim commits suicide and joins Valkyrie039s party. Jelanda is very happy to have Arngrim with her. Jelanda appears throughout the manga for minor battles such as the investigation of the undead Vampire039s lair. She is one of the three magicians necessary to lock Valkyrie039s soul in crystal after Hrist Valkyrie is defeated even though Jelanda is one of the weakest magicwielders in the manga. In the final chapter Jelanda and Arngrim offer to take on Brahms themselves so that Lenneth may advance to Loki. The last time we see Jelanda is after Lenneth restores life to Asgard and Midgard in the company of Arngrim and the Mystina. At this point its clear she and Arngrim have become close whether this is romance is debatable. Jelanda originated in Valkyrie Profile Playstation and does not appear anywhere else.