Hikari Sanehara

実原 氷里

Age: 16 Date of Birth: February 12th Blood Type: B Affiliation: Kouga Academy, Class 1-C Likes: Camera, Plants and Flowers, Being Alone Dislikes: Nonsense, Nosiness, Taking Portraits Occupation: Photo Club member Hikari is a member of the photo club. And while she can't take good portrait photos, her landscapes are spectacular. She is not the type to participate in small talk and therefore is mostly seen by herself. She rarely smiles and is prone to sarcastic comments. Her arc is in episode 7.

The reason why she doesn't smile and like smiles comes from her junior high school years, where a group of popular girls suddenly befriended Sanehara and later showed how they just thought that Sanehara's a convenient girl. She rejected them and since then, they started to bully her. After that, one of her classmate's wallet was lost, and they had placed it in her bag, and seeing how their smiles were so much different from what they were before.

(Source: Photokano wikia)